The Story of Us: Complete Series


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Five pages… A letter holding a secret buried for more than five years… A secret neither of them wanted to know. Will the truth tear them apart… again?

Aurora “Rory” Charles has loved her best friend Hallie’s brother, Houston Cavanaugh, since she was eleven years old. But her friendship with Hallie meant too much to her to risk taking a chance with Houston. Until one snowy afternoon, Houston and Rory find themselves thrust together by the grief of Hallie’s death, catapulting them into a passionate and toxic relationship that will test the boundaries of their loyalty to each other and to Hallie’s memory, ultimately, leaving them in ruins.

Five years later, Houston and Rory run into each other and, to Rory’s horror, Houston doesn’t recognize her. She hasn’t changed much, but he certainly has. He’s still as handsome as he was five years ago when he broke her heart, but time, grief, and a loveless marriage have dulled him. The moment he recognizes Rory, all his memories and long-buried passion and secrets come rushing to the surface. And Houston finds himself once again choosing between the secret of Hallie’s letter and the only girl he’s ever loved.

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