Love reading Indie books? Here’s a list of things you can do to help support your favorite authors.

1) Facebook

Like your favorite author’s Facebook page to stay up to date on their latest book releases and posts. Like and share their posts to help spread the word to other fans.

2) Twitter

Follow your favorite author on Twitter to stay connected and retweet their tweets to share updates with your friends.

3) Reader Groups/Fan Clubs

Join your favorite author’s private group on Facebook or Goodreads (or whatever forum they use). Help spread the word about your favorite books and gain access to to exclusive teasers and swag.

4) Goodreads

Follow your favorite authors on Goodreads and share your reviews and excitement with your other Goodreads friends.

5) Reviews

Post a review of your favorite books on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Kobo, and Google Play.

How to post a review on Amazon: 

1) Go to the book’s product page on and scroll to the bottom of the reviews and click on “Write a Customer Review”.

2.) Or you can go to your account tab on the right of the page,  and click on “Your Orders” and find the book you purchased. Then click “Write a Product Review.”

6) Don’t Pirate

Want to make sure your favorite author is able to keep writing books? Don’t pirate books. Stealing books from your favorite authors makes it difficult for them to support themselves and their families. Purchasing books helps increase popularity by putting books on best seller lists and gives back to everyone (the writer, editor, cover designer, proofreader, publicist, etc.) who help create the stories you enjoy.